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The study actually found that 6% are strongly "non-conforming"... and I think their definition of "androgynous" is extremely subjective. For instance, me (male) and some of my male and female relatives often wear loose jeans, trainers, and hoodies as casual clothing. Does that make us all androgynous? Does that make them "gender non-conforming"?
There's a link to a PDF download of the original "study" (more like a brief data investigation of data someone else took).
Whether I'm right or not, the media is trying to break down the concept of gender - and it may have affected these people's responses.
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rip my linebreaks
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Thank you for discovering this, I will fix it asap
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Maybe part of this swing to effeminate and gender-bender males is a swing back from too confining roles and self-images for males.
If you don't walk around acting like a thug, lifting weights, going to the gun range, and driving a pickup and listening to country music, some people are gonna judge you. "Stop aactin like a faag"
Well fuck that. I'm male and I'm not going to play your assigned role.
Doesn't mean I'm a fag or trans or gender-confused. I'm as het as they get. I just reject your cliche.