Initial Launch of FreeSay 2017-12-15 19:43:31.657000 1 reply

Welcome! Today marks the launch of!
We are currently opening the community to initial members and beta testers. We offer a small imageboard(with the ability to grow) and our own irc server,
You will find that we believe in free speech and are resistant to censorship. We encourage discussion, debate, trolling, and flamewars.
The software is currently BETA, we plan on fixing bugs and growing our resources.
Happy to have y'all here!
Where is it going 2017-12-17 01:36:35.540000 9 reply

Where is that rocket going?
2018-01-21 02:01:31.193000 41 reply

It's going to Uranus!
2017-12-27 12:41:30.044000 20 reply

who r u dude? also wtf is this. plz fix all ur w3c errors. did u code this shit?